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    ReLive driver - Core Clock locked at 850MHz, default clock for my card is 1080MHz




      After installing the Crimson ReLive driver, my XFX 280x DD Black edition runs at 850MHz, regardless of Overdrive settings or Afterburner settings. The stock clocks for my card (factory default) are 1080MHz on the core. Regardless of program I use, the card wont move past 850MHz on core now and 1500MHz memory speeds, where it should be 1550MHz (stock), additionally to that it does not idle properly, the core clock keeps jumping between 501-850MHz permanently. The card was running overclocked for a year and half now at 1160MHz on the core without issues.


      Basically my 280x runs the same clocks as a stock HD 7970 now for some reason.


      The card in question is the XFX 280X Black DD - AMD Radeon™ R9 280X Black Double Dissipation Edition - R9-280X-TDBD


      Running Windows 10 PRO x64 on;

      Intel Core i5 3570K

      ASUS P8H67-I Deluxe

      8GB DDR3

      with the mentioned R9 280x