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ReLive, it's fantastic. However, refresh rate issues from fullscreen/windowed mode persists.

Question asked by shaoaz on Dec 8, 2016

It seems to have became a trend that whenever you're playing at 120Hz+ that any softwares regardless of what is it will impact the smoothness and fidelity of higher refresh rates physically and lower it down to 60Hz while playing, even if your framerate is at a beautiful stable 120FPS.


I've looked around a lot for a fix to this which I couldn't find anything, while via testing I ended up finding that OBS would provide none of the mentioned downsides using Freesync (Or V-Sync) + Monitor Capture on x264 (I use the unused cores with cpu affinity so my performance isn't afflicted). So I thought to myself, perhaps this could be addressed? Otherwise, the question remains, is this all limitation? It would be nice to pre-record and record without having to face such downsides. 144Hz is a such a premium, kind of a shame that it has to be sacrificed when capture is involved.