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    Please allow ANY button to be mapped to ReLive functions as well as disable the shortcut keys for them


      Hi, I just got the new AMD ReLive and it's really awesome to finally have a proper in-house software for recording! However, I'm requesting that you please allow users to map any button to these functionalities. I have games that use Ctrl and Shift and it affects the game where these keys are pressed (like character crouching or the dialogue text getting skipped or fast forwarded). I will be more than happy to bind the Pause/Break button alone as my Instant Replay as it's not used by any game at all. As well as the PrintScreen button to take a screen capture.


      I also have media buttons like Play/Pause on my keyboard which has no use in-game. Or the Back and Forward browser functionality buttons that have no use in a game but can be repurposed as ReLive buttons. I know not all people have extra bindable buttons but I'm just asking for you guys to loosen up the keybind restrictions (as far as I know everything needs to have Ctrl, Shift. or Alt to be bound right now).


      Lastly while we're at it, please add a way to clear out a keybind too. Let's say I don't want to have a keybind assigned to enabling/disabling camera and microphone, I'd rather they not take up a keybind when they won't be used ever.


      I really hope you consider where I'm coming from. I basically just want for the keybindings to be more "open" to people who has the extra buttons to take advantage of it.