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    HD5000 series support


      Pushing back a little here as I'm tired of crashes and re loading of my machine due to the lack of interest that this company has placed on its old HD5000 series for mobile gaming.

      This is the fourth time in month that i've had to partition my computer due to the lack of support on the old HD5000 series. I'm having issues even loading simple games that have been around as long as this machine has been. I'm tired of the lack of support and quality for the drivers on here. And being told it is discontinued due to continuing devolopment for other drivers slams me for a product upgrade that I am currently in the market for.

      However after seeing the drop after only this product being on the market for 2 years before support is dropped (as last post is late 2010) and this product dropped late 2009. Makes me wonder if i really should invest in AMD products at all. Without support being provided and a constant battle to keep the system updated by buying new parts is not a self sustaining way to move forward as an individual in life.

      I love your product or did until it become an absolute nightmare over the last 5 years to have to re initialize my laptop every 7 months because my GPU decides to through a fit and crashes my computer to the point of lack of work ability and playability. (just easier to partition it as other problems start to appear aswell however it is becomming harder and harder to keep it going without issue as this product *that is produced by YOU* is now failing to have any support or length of support to the consumer (me).

      Maybe my new computer build will end up being a GTX after all. At least i'll end up with support anyway after 7 years and will still be able to play different games and will not have to re build my rig every two years.


      Tired of the constant GPU glitches and failures for minimal play ability games on computers.

      Craig Coley


      ps I moved to AMD about 10 years ago due to playing issues with GFX. Now I'm headed back as the longgiviety of their support and cards outway the fast dissapation of "high end" competitive end products here that decide to be disregarded after two years at work with. Shame really. Well RX470 is out and 1060 is in.

      O and here a link to this continual problem outside of this post and posted on a lot more than here too. You might actually want to start DOING THE LONG TERM SUPPORT THING. You are losing customers.


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          The HD5000 series products were introduced in 2009 and support for the series was ended in March 2016.


          Since the HD5000 series was launched at least 6 new product series have been launched.

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            And to add onto what ray said, the HD 5000 series architecture (VLIW5) is only a refinement of the VLIW architecture from 2007, so AMD supported that architecture for 9 years, including it's further refinement (VLIW4) in the HD 6000 series, although the HD 6000 series was to the HD 5000 series what the HD 3000 series was to the HD 2000 series in that it was only a minor revision, not a true successor. GCN, on which all HD 7000 series cards and later are based, is a vast improvement in terms of performance over VLIW.


            nVidia dropped support for all graphics cards earlier than the 400 series, released in 2010, in April of this year with driver release 340 (they will release security updates only, no improvements), so they only supported those cards for 6 years. The HD 5000 series was supported for 7 years after its release, so AMD actually supports cards longer than nVidia.


            And to add some perspective to this argument: The top end card of the series, the HD 5870, vs the entry level card of today, the RX 460, which costs as little as $90, and draws one third of the power of the HD 5870.