Windows 7 and Legacy Video OpRom

Discussion created by janagewen on Dec 8, 2016

Windows 7 is a charming lady, attractive and adorable, at least to me, forever. I would love chasing her all the time.


Like so many others I also find an annoy problem, that is the UEFI firmware and Windows 7. If one disable the CSM modules for UEFI firmware completely, the Windows 7 would stay at the booting up logo for ever. Even though the system is actually ready to run, but the screen does not refresh to its actual content. This problem happens if no proper driver has been installed. I have experienced both Intel and AMD platform. For Intel platform, after installing the official Intel video card drivers, this problem could be solved. But as to AMD, at least this time, it stays where it is. I know the workaround to this problem for AMD GPU or APU, but I just wish AMD could fix this in the graphics card drivers. That would ease to eliminate the legacy support, especially for CSM modules!


The current workaround about this problem is to


1. Disable Secure Boot Feature, if available.

2. Enable CSM Module feature

3. Set the Video OpRom to Legacy Video OpRom Only, or both.


I wish to hear the words from AMD when this problem has been solved on their drivers!