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    pls help xfx rx470 4gb keeps crashing in gta v, rainbow six , cod bo3 , new cod ,


      hey .

      sorry for my bad englis but i need help .

      now 3 weeks a go i buy the rx 470 hardswap 4gb . sins i got it its not working like its supose to tho .

      before i got this rx470 i got gtx 650 and it workt fine ,

      my setup is

      fx 4300 4.0 ghz

      8 gb ram

      muskin ssd 250 gb

      than the rx 470 from xfx

      my mobo is ASRock N68-GS4 FX

      my psu is 650 w brand evga


      i try new instal w7, w8 , w10 not help

      i try clean instal before dat of drivers

      i try to call shop but no help

      plsss help meeeeee tnx

      and here som pic vrom wat man and crimson