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    RX 480 Windows 10 144hz Flicker Any Game


      Had this problem ever since I got the 480 and the 144hz Freesync monitor.


      Black flickering, some games it is intense (DOOM, TOXIKK), others very manageable. WIth Rocket League I leave the FPS cap at 103 fps and I get zero flicker.


      I have tried many cables with varying effect. The two best cables I have perform identically (as described above).  I believe this to be the cause of many 144hz issues on OTHER systems, as 1440p @ 144hz is more demanding than most (even 4k @ 60hz), but I think I can rule it out. (maybe?)


      CS:GO does not seem to get better when I adjust the framerate, although I may be doing it incorrectly.


      I have updated to the latest drivers and used DDU to do each upgrade.


      I don't expect to find a fix for this, just letting AMD know I'm out there.


      MOBO Gigabyte 990FXA-UD3

      CPU AMD FX 8320

      24g RAM