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Debate: Favorite RPG?

Question asked by nelstar15 on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2017 by steelbizkit

I know, I know, our debate about "Best FPS Ever" was last Thursday, but I though, "Hey, why not do a weekly game/PC debate starting on Wednesdays?"


So here we are on Wednesday, and ready for another week of debate to begin.


Instead of doing a "BEST OF" this week, I thought we'd change it up a bit and pick favorites. (Because only good things happen in debates where people pick favorites, right?)


Without further adieu: What is your favorite RPG of all time?


This is going to be all over the place with answers, but I'll start.


I've actually been thinking about this since I decided to do RPGs as our second Debate/Getting to Know Each Other post on Friday. There are so many RPGs that molded me as a gamer, and, ultimately, as a man. MMORPGs, ARPGs, TRPGs... the list goes on. I've played them all, and I have loved every... single... genre of RPGs. Now on top of the type of RPG, I have to also think about the content and the story. As a writer, that's always been big to me. As a former History Major, I really like RPGs that give me a History lesson. BUT, as a man w/ an English Degree, I really like the fantasy stories as well. So, you can see why it's difficult for me to pick a certain game within the realm of RPGs.


I'm guessing that's quite enough of my rambling, and I think I've narrowed it down to one game. I do not think this is going to be a popular pick AT ALL, but it has done a lot for me lately, and really brought me back to gaming. So, my favorite RPG of all time? MASS EFFECT 2. This is a hard pick for me, as I only just played the ME series back in January (yes for the VERY first time), and because I'm such a HUGE Old Republic fan (I have the SWTOR Sith emblem on my arm). There's something about ME, and the way the game plays that just sucked me in. I was genuinely sad, and a bit lost, when I finished the series.


The Story-Telling, relationships, soundtrack, combat, and overall appeal of the Mass Effect series cannot be matched in my mind. Tie that into it being a Sci-Fi story, and you had me from Sci! Mass Effect was that game I heard about back when it released, but I was far too involved with WoW to look away from my Blood Elf's behind. So, when I finally took the time to play ME, I was not even remotely disappointed. It has every aspect of the genre down PERFECT.


I honestly cannot think of a better RPG.


So, let's hear you!


What's your favorite RPG of all time?!?