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    Debate: Favorite RPG?

      I know, I know, our debate about "Best FPS Ever" was last Thursday, but I though, "Hey, why not do a weekly game/PC debate starting on Wednesdays?"


      So here we are on Wednesday, and ready for another week of debate to begin.


      Instead of doing a "BEST OF" this week, I thought we'd change it up a bit and pick favorites. (Because only good things happen in debates where people pick favorites, right?)


      Without further adieu: What is your favorite RPG of all time?


      This is going to be all over the place with answers, but I'll start.


      I've actually been thinking about this since I decided to do RPGs as our second Debate/Getting to Know Each Other post on Friday. There are so many RPGs that molded me as a gamer, and, ultimately, as a man. MMORPGs, ARPGs, TRPGs... the list goes on. I've played them all, and I have loved every... single... genre of RPGs. Now on top of the type of RPG, I have to also think about the content and the story. As a writer, that's always been big to me. As a former History Major, I really like RPGs that give me a History lesson. BUT, as a man w/ an English Degree, I really like the fantasy stories as well. So, you can see why it's difficult for me to pick a certain game within the realm of RPGs.


      I'm guessing that's quite enough of my rambling, and I think I've narrowed it down to one game. I do not think this is going to be a popular pick AT ALL, but it has done a lot for me lately, and really brought me back to gaming. So, my favorite RPG of all time? MASS EFFECT 2. This is a hard pick for me, as I only just played the ME series back in January (yes for the VERY first time), and because I'm such a HUGE Old Republic fan (I have the SWTOR Sith emblem on my arm). There's something about ME, and the way the game plays that just sucked me in. I was genuinely sad, and a bit lost, when I finished the series.


      The Story-Telling, relationships, soundtrack, combat, and overall appeal of the Mass Effect series cannot be matched in my mind. Tie that into it being a Sci-Fi story, and you had me from Sci! Mass Effect was that game I heard about back when it released, but I was far too involved with WoW to look away from my Blood Elf's behind. So, when I finally took the time to play ME, I was not even remotely disappointed. It has every aspect of the genre down PERFECT.


      I honestly cannot think of a better RPG.


      So, let's hear you!


      What's your favorite RPG of all time?!?

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          Planescape Torment

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              Definitely one of the best RPGs I've ever played. Fantastic writing in this one, can't think of one that surpasses it in that area.


              My favorite has to be Fallout 2. It just changed the whole idea for me what an RPG is and can do at the time I first played it. So many possibilities, things to explore, ways to interact. An all those snarky speech choices - definitely a highlight for me.

              There's quite a few people who felt put off by some of the pop culture references in game, but it's just another part of it I love.

              And the whole setting itself appeals to me.


              Close contenders: PS:T, Kotor 1/2, Wizardy 7/8, Dragon Age: Origins, Morrowind, Skyrim, Neverwinter Nights 2

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                  Recently played through Fallout 1 and 2. Those two games are so, so very good. Really enjoyed my time with them, and will play through again someday. Honestly loved the graphical style they brought to the table as well. Couldn't get enough of the visuals.

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                I honestly can't pick just one. With that stated, here are some that I really, really love (probably left some out that I can't think of):


                - Paper Mario series

                - Earthbound / Mother series

                - Fallout series

                - Final Fantasy series

                - Chrono Trigger / Chrono Cross

                - World of Warcraft

                - Diablo series

                - Breath of Fire series

                - Balder's Gate series

                - Golden Sun

                - Lunar series

                - Pokemon series

                - Super Mario RPG

                - Elder Scrolls series

                - Neverwinter Nights

                - Illusion of Gaia

                - Xenogears

                - Mario & Luigi: Partners in Time


                Just to name a few. RPGs rock.

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                  Hey nelstar15,


                  Last week's "Best FPS ever" was much easier for me, but this...this is just cruel.


                  So many that come to mind that deserve mention. These below left a huge impression on me and honestly any of them could be considered the "best of all time". All of them are such classics and are truly remarkable achievements in the genre. If anyone claimed one was better than the rest, I'd be hard pegged to deny they might be correct.


                  • Mass Effect 2
                  • Chrono Trigger
                  • Xenogears
                  • Morrowind
                  • Skyrim
                  • Final Fantasy VII
                  • Final fantasy V
                  • Fallout 3
                  • Fallout: New Vegas
                  • Landstalker
                  • Grandia II
                  • Shenmue
                  • Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time


                  Yet, since we're talking about our favorite of all time....


                  Chrono Trigger


                  This story has stayed with me since it's release and I hold it dear to my heart. Now, although when it comes down to gameplay elements others have out classed it by now but, that story blew my mind and still does to this day. I always felt that this was Squaresoft at its best. Although Final Fantasy VII's story was fantastic as well Chrono Trigger just had a certain magic that I always felt Final Fantasy VII couldn't match. I truly wish Squaresoft would return back to their previous era's style of RPG's, because they just don't seem to have that "magic" they had in the 90's.

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                    Well, I would go with Diablo, Fallout 1,2 & 4, Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VIII. Lots of happy hours in front of a monitor....

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                      Shadowrun (the pen & paper, not the subpar video game versions). I could have gone for D&D, which without most modern RPG's wouldn't exist. But.. Magic.. Cyberware.. The Matrix.. Neon.. Dragons... 


                      I mean, what's not to like? It's every Fantasy trope bundled together and thrown into a modern setting, with enough of a backstory as to why (which is more than most residents of the Shadowrun universe got). It's a sober warning of the dangerous side of globalization, militarization, corporations being too big to fall (or punish). The underdog trope, you as a Shadowrunner is the underdog, no matter how wiz your rep is.


                      I just wish someone would make a video game that does it justice...

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                          Haha you would pick Pen & Paper. I'm not faulting you, because honestly I could say D&D is my favorite, but I just started playing a few weeks ago. Once I get my feet wet, I may be able to change my answer. I will give you that D&D changed the freaking game when it came to Role Playing.

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                          The game that got me to play rpg's was Diablo.  Loved the Butcher at the start.

                          My favorite rpg right now is Divinity Original Sin Enhanced Edition.

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                              I never got to play Diablo 1. During that time, I was too busy with WCII and my Nintendo 64. I ended up grabbing Diablo 2 and loved it, until WoW came out. I didn't play too much Diablo 2 though, I was way into Halo during that time, and was busy with tournaments and the such.


                              Now Diablo 3 I spent a bit more time playing, but probably only have 75 hours logged into.

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                                  Aw man, my friend and I played soooo much Diablo 1 and 2 over LAN when I was young. So much. We would put our riches together into the same stash, and have something amazing after playing all summer long. I highly, highly recommend going back and trying those two Diablo games out. I still have them on my PC, actually, and play them over LAN sometimes with the family. I also played a ton of Warcraft 1, 2, 3, and World of Warcraft (where my wife and I met); as well as Nintendo 64. Always been a huge gamer, but especially back then I was all over the place. Anyway, I highly recommend going back and giving the old Diablo games a go, they are just too good!

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                                Im really not a RPG gamer lol. I have never played the games listed on previous post.

                                Played Diablo 1 a few minutes and ended playing the original Starcraft but that will be on the nelstar15 favorite RTS topic of next week.

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                                  would say: Dungeon Siege 1 (also with LoA)

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                                    Hands down KoTOR 2: The Sith lords for me

                                    Close second:

                                    Shadows of Mordor.

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                                        I need to sit down and finish Shadows. I love the way game is laid out, and really want to get through it.


                                        As for KOTOR: 2 was my favorite as well. I also played SWTOR for so long, you forget that other games come close the matching the story telling in those games.

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                                        So, I'm back nelstar15 .....Unexpectedly, I was able to pick up a copy of The Witcher 3 for $8 yesterday and already this is leaving a huge impact on me, not the price, the experience...o.k, well, maybe a bit of both!


                                        Anyways, I'm not saying that my choice is going to change as of yet, but I can't lie, this is a seriously impressive game and if nothing else has re-instilled my faith in modern RPG developers being able to properly create a proper RPG that provides choice, because in my honest opinion since Mass Effect, things have been lacking in the genre. Thus far, The Witcher 3 is proving to me that BioWare finally has a developer in their league, which hopefully provides them with the motivation to make Mass Effect: Andromeda of the same caliber.


                                        Anyways, as for what you said earlier walking_corpse, I had forgotten to add Secret of Mana to my list. I've also forgotten to add Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2 cavemanthe0ne and for that, I hang my head in shame. So, I'm going to try to redeem myself by making others feel such shame, by remembering one that deserves mention as one of the best and haven't seen anyone mention it yet...Skies of Arcadia!

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                                          Baldur's Gate 1, 2

                                          Planescape: Torment

                                          Icewind Dale


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                                            I always liked the simpler ones like Dragon quest. I was always able to fully immerse myself into them. Also love the action RPGs like zelda though the last ones with touch screen and motion controls have made me pass on those. really looking forward to the newest one. Looks great. 

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                                              While I did really love the Baldur's Gate series, and Planescape:  Torment.  For me, RPGs begin with the grandfather of open world RPGs, Ultima IV, Quest of the Avatar.  This game was one of the first, to simply allow you to go anywhere in the world.  Sure, you had a main questline, but you could wander Britannia, meet NPCs and find other quests along the way, very similar to modern Bethesda Elder Scrolls games.


                                              The game came with an awesome cloth map of the world to guide your travels (No in game maps), and featured the first real conversation system I can remember.  NPCs would give answers based on typed text and could be prompted for additional information based on those answers.  The game was also unique (to this day), in that the primary quest didn't involve defeating some rising evil.  So far ahead of it's time, and the first in what for me, was one of the best RPG trilogies of all time.  Ultima, IV, V, and VI.


                                              I believe this was first released on the Apple II, but I played it on my good old Commodore 128.  I did play some great RPGs over the years on the Commodore, Amiga 500, PCs and consoles.  But That one always sticks out for me as one that was truly revolutionary.  Open world concepts and dynamic dialogue options have only recently begun to tap what this game offered over 30 years ago.

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                                                1 Xenogears for psx

                                                2Final Fantasy 8 for psx

                                                3 Warcraft 3 for PC

                                                4 world of warcraft