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    Windows 10 Freezes on desktop with crimson drivers


      Hi, i just recieved my R9 Fury Nitro from Sapphire, I cleaned the old drivers before installing the new gpu with DDU, then i installed the latest crimson drivers, but it failed ( black screen ) i had to clean drivers again, and reinstall, it worked, but then windows 10 freezes on desktop after a couple of seconds, so i cleaned it again with DDU, and installed the most recent WHQL drivers (16.10.1 ) but then same issue again, so i completely deleted the drivers and now i run my pc without any gpu driver which is not a normal situation, but whenever i install drivers, freeze on desktop returns, so i can't use my pc, first i tought the graphics card was faulty, but it seems like it's a driver issue, so i'm waiting for new drivers to fix this...


      Can someone help me?


      Thank you for reading.