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Display ports on will not work on boot

Question asked by crimpuppy on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by crimpuppy

I just purchased a XFX R9-FURY-4QFA RADEON R9 FURY X 4GB HBM 3xDP HDMI to go in a machine I'm building.  I've installed the latest drivers and am running windows 10 64 pro with current updates. 


When I connect my monitors, Samsung S24E650's (crappy ones still, will be buying new ones after xmas) there is a bizarre series of things I have to do to make them work:


1) I have to have one connected via HDMI on boot. The other one cannot be connected via DP.  Just the one HDMI.

2) Once the machine boots I can connect the second display to DP and it comes up perfectly. 

3) I can then even disconnect the HDMI connection and re-connect that display on DP and it works.

FAIL:  When I reboot nothing works again and the cycle starts all over. 


*** am I doing wrong?


Will a newer/better monitor resolve this problem or do I just need to return this card?