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RX 480 Black Screen / TDR Failure

Question asked by amd_fan on Dec 7, 2016
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I'm having a big issue with my Sapphire Nitro RX480.


First let me tell you that I have all drivers up to date, and I'm using Crimson 16.11.5.


What's happening is that if I open a image with the default windows 10 photo viewer, and leave it open on screen for some minutes, sometimes, after X amout of time my screen goes black, then shows a VERY weird image (I uploaded a video sample), then goes black again, then another strange image, then black again, another image (3 times this sequence) and then BSOD for Video_TDR_Failure (or something very similar to that). Instead of BSOD, sometimes It only shows fast black screens (like 0.5ms) and then comes back to normal.
This isn't easy to reproduce. If you want to test it to see if it happens with you too, open the photo viewer with a image, close all the other background programs, and leave the image open for 10/15 minutes. Watch the screen for flashing black screens (0.5ms +/- - duration of the black screen). If doesn't happen to you, just test again later.. If I had to give a % of how much of the time this is reproducible, I would give a 30/40%. It only happens when it wants.


I checked the minidump file with BlueScreenView, and from what I can see, the first thing to crash is atikmpag.sys then dxgkrnl.sys and then dxgmms2.sys.



This problem only happens opening an image with windows 10 default program to open photos. It doesn't happen with any other software. I play many games, every day, for many hours, zero crashes or performance problems.


I believe this is a driver problem, because if it was the GPU it will happen with other software specially games or benchmarks. And also, there is many other people reporting similar problems here and on reddit.