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ATI - Firepro W4100 with 2 - 55" TVs WBox Technologies and 1 - HP W338H

Question asked by fidelh on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 14, 2016 by fsadough

Hey everyone, i have a dilemma. i have a server with:


Video Card:

ATI - Firepro W4100

driver: 7/8/2016

VER: 15.301.2601.1002



2 - 55" TVs WBox Technologies

1 - HP W338H


System is a:

Windows 7 embedded

Intel® i7® Processor


120GB SSD (strictly for OS)


both TVs are recognized by the video card, but the monitor will not show up nor be recognized. TV's are connected via two DisplayPorts going to HDMI. the monitor is connected via a DisplayPort going to DVI. The DVI monitor is not displayed, nor recognized. if the TVs are disconnected, the monitor will come up alone. what can be causing this issue?