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RX480 Diplsay Port  Forcing YCbCr Pixel Format

Question asked by l3eaudacious on Dec 7, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 3, 2017 by fezara

I can't get the RX480 to push RGB over Display Port. Isn't DP suppose to default to RGB?


In HDMI I can set YCbCr or RGB on the same monitor. And the monitor settings automatically change to YCbCr or RGB depending on Radeon Settings. (All 3 Monitors behave this way in HDMI)


While in DP I can't set my monitor to RGB without the screen colors going funky, meaning the RX480 is pushing YCbCr. There's no Pixel Format Options to select while using DP either.


But there's only one HDMI port, so I have to use DP for two monitors.


Why is the RX480 pushing YCbCr over DP? How does that even make sense?