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Fan always on maximum - MSI GT70 0ND 204US

Question asked by mazarito on Dec 6, 2016
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Backstory: my GT70 0ND 204 US got some problems... The video card (GTX 675M) broke and i bought a new card: this time a ATI HD8970M. Now, the cooler simply don´t stop using the "turbo mode". It´s always on maximum velocity. The system temperature is low; no reason for that boost.


Afterburner (MSI program) usually works but, here, I can't control the fan speed. It seems that my computer does not recognize the video card temperature sensor...


Any thoughts about it? Should I use any program to control the fan?


I would appreciate a little help with this...


PS: I´m using Windows 10 Enterprise and got a newer BIOS. This time, the computer starts without boost and it only begins on windows.