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    Radeon Software Crimson ReLive Edition


      Not sure if it's been already posted,but....


      AMD Radeon Software Crimson Relive Drivers Leaked, Massive Update

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          I hadn't seen it...Thanks

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            Looks good, could this be the end of the need for MSI Afterburner?

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              Hey Earnhardt,


              Thanks for posting this. I read it earlier tonight and meant to post it here in the forums, but had forgotten. I'm glad to see that AMD appears to be aligning this release with the New Horizon event, it gives us all even more to look forward to on the 13th. With every new driver release since the original Crimson announcement back in the day, I grow more and more confidant that AMD will continue to ensure that driver releases lead the charge for AMD's future as they promised.


              Eventually, pending AMD continues on this path, the mantra within the tech community will be that AMD's driver releases aren't just on par with Nvidia's, but are superior in regards to performance gains throughout lifecycles, in DX12 and in Vulkan. It's already happening, slowly, but is gaining steam with every driver release. Then once they're able to maintain that momentum, the general community will begin to embrace AMD in the gaming space once more, as they gain their trust back through each product and driver release.


              It's quite easy to see that AMD has laid the foundation for their future success over the past few years and is ready to capitalize on their work come 2017 with the release of Vega and Zen. I'm incredibly excited about New Horizon, because I truly believe this event will be marked as a turning point in the company's history, where they recaptured industry interest and reclaimed the enthusiasts trust.


              Thanks again for posting this for the community and have a nice day!