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7950k APU not works under windows 10   (edited: yes its 7850k : D)

Question asked by win10hater on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 8, 2016 by redfury

Hi Guys (and Ladies of course)


Sorry if I my mood a bit overheated but this is the day when I said I am totally fed up ith Win10.



I am changed to win10 with my AMD APU 5600K config in June and having unsolved problems since that, those NEVER HAD UNDER Win7.


- Num lock cannot be automatically turned on

- Skype does not work, if it boots randomly crash and has to be restarted

- Screen flickering on flash content pages

- broken sound driver /  sound driver hang up randomly between 3 to 60 sec

- Huge memory consumption, constant "Not enough memory" errors

- Processor power not enough, many times got 80-90% usage rate !

- Microsoft outlook does not work properly

- Thunderbird works fine, only freeze out if you wanna do sg like, open, close, move, delete letters : ))

- and many more...



This is a simple office desktop computer

- OCZ SSD 120G

- 8GB kingston RAM

- Asus A88XM-Plus mainboard

- AMD 5600K APU

and of course win10 pro, all drivers uptodate


ACTUAL Problem:

- Today my config seemed again a bit overloaded when handling large database and was very slow and unresponsive.

- So I got pissed off and acted fast in the morning:  I checked ASUS website for supported CPU's and found one model suitable seems 50% faster than actual one

- BIOS refreshed to newest

- I took a new CPU AMD 7950K  off the shelf at our IT shop and installed it

- old processor sold at shop in 20 minutes as used one  (mistake... Biiiiig mistake)


GOT blank screen at startup. Win10 started to boot, than freezed out.

Safe mode worked


- in safe mode AMD driver center said: Display driver not work properly, driver cannot "sense/identify VGA card"

- removed old display driver (installed in June, dont ask version number...) and reinstalled the newest..... got blank screen at 50% under installation process and never came back

- removed driver with AMD remover and DDU of Guru3D

- tried older crimson driver... SAME error

- removed driver with DDU of Guru3D

- tried MUCH older crimson driver... SAME error

- removed driver with DDU of Guru3D

- finally tried pre-crimson driver 15.12 WHQL, AMD installer did not let me to install it


- checked forums, tried registry hack like TdrDelay.... not worked


NOW 12 HOURS LATER my computer works only  if AMD display drivers are removed and display card handled as "Microsoft general display driver"..... barely handle 2D environment


Optional repair solutions I dont wanna do yet, before gave up:

- buy an old 5600k CPU and put it back : ))

- Forget Win10 and go back to win7

- Forget AMD and go to Intel platform

- Forget AMD and Win10 both


ANY idea somebody?

Any repair solution?


I would appreciate any help. Thanks for your time and help in advance.


Best regards,



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