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    7950k APU not works under windows 10   (edited: yes its 7850k : D)


      Hi Guys (and Ladies of course)


      Sorry if I my mood a bit overheated but this is the day when I said I am totally fed up ith Win10.



      I am changed to win10 with my AMD APU 5600K config in June and having unsolved problems since that, those NEVER HAD UNDER Win7.


      - Num lock cannot be automatically turned on

      - Skype does not work, if it boots randomly crash and has to be restarted

      - Screen flickering on flash content pages

      - broken sound driver /  sound driver hang up randomly between 3 to 60 sec

      - Huge memory consumption, constant "Not enough memory" errors

      - Processor power not enough, many times got 80-90% usage rate !

      - Microsoft outlook does not work properly

      - Thunderbird works fine, only freeze out if you wanna do sg like, open, close, move, delete letters : ))

      - and many more...



      This is a simple office desktop computer

      - OCZ SSD 120G

      - 8GB kingston RAM

      - Asus A88XM-Plus mainboard

      - AMD 5600K APU

      and of course win10 pro, all drivers uptodate


      ACTUAL Problem:

      - Today my config seemed again a bit overloaded when handling large database and was very slow and unresponsive.

      - So I got pissed off and acted fast in the morning:  I checked ASUS website for supported CPU's and found one model suitable seems 50% faster than actual one

      - BIOS refreshed to newest

      - I took a new CPU AMD 7950K  off the shelf at our IT shop and installed it

      - old processor sold at shop in 20 minutes as used one  (mistake... Biiiiig mistake)


      GOT blank screen at startup. Win10 started to boot, than freezed out.

      Safe mode worked


      - in safe mode AMD driver center said: Display driver not work properly, driver cannot "sense/identify VGA card"

      - removed old display driver (installed in June, dont ask version number...) and reinstalled the newest..... got blank screen at 50% under installation process and never came back

      - removed driver with AMD remover and DDU of Guru3D

      - tried older crimson driver... SAME error

      - removed driver with DDU of Guru3D

      - tried MUCH older crimson driver... SAME error

      - removed driver with DDU of Guru3D

      - finally tried pre-crimson driver 15.12 WHQL, AMD installer did not let me to install it


      - checked forums, tried registry hack like TdrDelay.... not worked


      NOW 12 HOURS LATER my computer works only  if AMD display drivers are removed and display card handled as "Microsoft general display driver"..... barely handle 2D environment


      Optional repair solutions I dont wanna do yet, before gave up:

      - buy an old 5600k CPU and put it back : ))

      - Forget Win10 and go back to win7

      - Forget AMD and go to Intel platform

      - Forget AMD and Win10 both


      ANY idea somebody?

      Any repair solution?


      I would appreciate any help. Thanks for your time and help in advance.


      Best regards,



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          1.Do you mean A10-7850k?

          2.A10-7850k=FM2+      A8-5600K=FM2  Are you sure your motherboard can fully support A10-7850k ?

          3.You had to uninstall AMD software before APU processor upgrade

          4.You may try fresh install of win7. You had other problems anyway.

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          • Re: 7950k APU not works under windows 10   (edited: yes its 7850k : D)

            Hi Redfury


            1. OMG, I've been really fed up. Yes it is an 7850k.

            2. If you check at Asus website, it says "full support"

            3. ??? Never had to, never did it, never had problems before....

            4. Yes, going back to Win7 is an option. Theoretically I cannot. Officially Microsoft says you can go back, only if you are upgraded and not made clean install like me. I asked MS support and they said if computer does not wworks with Win10, you can go back to win7.

              • Re: 7950k APU not works under windows 10   (edited: yes its 7850k : D)

                1.Update your BIOS

                2.Uninstall all AMD software and clean your system in safe mode  Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers  Then install latest Driver 16.9.2 APU

                3.If it doesn't help make a Win10 Full Reset.

                  • Re: 7950k APU not works under windows 10   (edited: yes its 7850k : D)

                    1. As I wrote in my message that was the first thing I did

                    2. As I wrote in my message I did that with ALL possible AMD Crimson drivers

                    3. That will be the next try

                      • Re: 7950k APU not works under windows 10   (edited: yes its 7850k : D)

                        "If you check at Asus website, it says "full support""/ "1. As I wrote in my message"/ "2. As I wrote in my message"     Stop it.

                        You have edited your first message twice. I have no time to re-read your essay again and again

                          • Re: 7950k APU not works under windows 10   (edited: yes its 7850k : D)

                            Relax bro.  Stop arguing pls. I am edited only the wrong title, shame on me....


                            As I see now the heart of the problem is the terrible win10 itself. We got customer request daily to erase win10 and put back, Win7, or 8.1

                            On the other hand I have to admit there is a little truth in what MS said:  "The manufacturers wrote BAD DRIVERS" for w10

                            What an interesting thing, that my sound problem I have cca 6 months, SUDDENLY solved yesterday by installing the newest AMD driver.....
                            What an interesting coincidence!  Maybe AMD screwed up the driver and that caused the problem???

                            Maybe that is true for the display driver itself as well???



                            You know the KEY problem for me and others like me who works in IT industry, this kind of 'help' we found in many forums.

                            The things you write down here are typically made for ordenary end users.


                            Do this, do that, refresh this, clean that......  ALL of these stuff are written on AMD, MS, etc and many other manufacturer's forum pages.

                            I dont blame you. This is the routine, standard bulls***t, we tell to customers as well.

                            Since I do it day by day this stuff ...... it is part of our daily routine.


                            I wrote that frakkin' essay you mentioned, to AVOID this kind of help. That is not help for me.

                            If THAT would be the problem I would solved the issue long time ago myself.


                            This is a FUBAR situation I cannot handle. Since it is high season, I dont really have time to reinstall computer..... need option.

                            a valid Option that I dont have atm ...  So I came to this AMD community page to find help from a PRO.

                            I saw many similar problems here at this AMD site.  In some cases the routine helped, in many other issues did not.

                            I saw even some threads were closed off the too many complaints and no solution. 


                            I came here to find pro help. I can edit registry, I can edit even the driver itself if I have to. JUST somebody PRO pls tell me WHERE?


                            So if there is no solution from a pro and/or programmer that could hack the system ....


                            The conclusion is simple:  The AMD DRIVER IS FAULTY.  I can choose to wait for new one or forget Windows10 and going back to win7.


                            So if there is only routine answer exists.... pls forget the "routine" for a fellow IT veteran.


                            Just tell me honestly the truth:   Forgot bro, no help in this case.  No solution.   It is simply  #@##˘!!! Thats life!

                              • Re: 7950k APU not works under windows 10   (edited: yes its 7850k : D)

                                You bought a new processor.It may has faulty graphics chip .What professional help are you expect in that case?

                                Or your Win 10 completely gone mad-what professional help (from AMD) are you expect in that case?

                                AMD APU use part of system RAM as graphics memory.Test your RAM for errors, leave only one module RAM or choose safe frequency for RAM like 1333/9-9-9-27

                                And wait for REAL professional, who can assist you. Good luck.

                                • Re: 7950k APU not works under windows 10   (edited: yes its 7850k : D)

                                  Haha... this morning "funny" thing:


                                  One of Windows 10 most hated feature by me that while it is dumb like hell, w10 things it is really wise and smart, smarter than those stupid users.... so W10 always override the human interface and changing default program priorities, deleting them, etc.


                                  Like it happened at one of my customers, where the MS picture viewer was broken and crashed immediately when they wanted to open a simple JPEG file. Of course it came up when it was urgent issue. Luckily I was there and installed a trusted free 3rdparty picture viewer (Irfanview) from net in 2 minutes. I opened the picture to them and got the message "I am suspicious that this 3rdparty app could be faulty or broken. So to be sure I reset settings to the default MS app Windows picture viewer" Dont have to tell the outcome was the same: Of course the MS app crashed again.  The boss was mad.



                                  So this morning this "smart feature" realized my computer using a "bad" driver for my video card and suddenly (without asking me ) refreshed it and replaced the MS basic driver with actual latest AMD driver..... the computer died immediately of course.