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AMPS - DASH - Test for WMI provider failed

Question asked by jaysoul on Dec 6, 2016


I'm new to AMPS / DASH and have a few questions I was hoping someone could help me with. I've just installed the AMPS 3.5 SCCM plugin onto our SCCM 2012 server. I am then trying to test the DASH capabilities on a few clients. I am using the DASH config utility. Most of our hardware is HP desktop machines with Intel network cards. Should this work?


Whenever I run the dash config install I get the error: Test for WMI provider failed


From what I can see AMT is enabled in the BIOS. There are no specific DASH options in the BIOS.


I read in the DASH Config readme:


  1. 1.   Windows DASH software support needs to be installed on the client system where the network controller/management target is installed. This support can be found on the OEM's (HP/DELL) driver support website for the appropriate model. Please look for DASH and/or BACS in the description for the network controller's driver package.


But I cannot see anything matching this description on the HP driver downloads pages.


Any thoughts?