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Blue screen with Win 10 driver for AMD A4-1200 APU with Radeon HD 8180 graphics

Question asked by oldmainframer on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 18, 2017 by dude2k5

I have a HP Pavilion 10 TouchSmart 10-e010nr Notebook PC (a small notebook PC with 2 GB memory and 320GB hard drive).  It worked OK with 8.1 and even better (but not great) with the first version of Win 10. Was able to make presentations on an external monitor.  Then Anniversary Edition was installed and an update for Radeon graphics was installed right after, as an automatic Win 10 Home upgrade.  Immediately started getting blue screens after running for 30-60 minutes with error saying “Thread stuck in device driver”.  Microsoft ASSURE support tried various tricks but to no avail.  Persuaded them to let me take it to a MS store and they managed to give me a clean copy of the first edition of Win 10 and did a clean install.  I now have a laptop that:

Has Win 10 first edition running very fast with nothing but Zip7, Office 365 and OneDrive.

Has an image backup to that configuration on an external drive, along with a recovery drive on a thumb drive.

Running the MS basic display driver, which works but has none of the wonderful functional display capabilities, such as the ability to have a second monitor.

I have tried to install 16.9.2 drivers, both the entire package and (at other times) just the display driver (along with the other required package items).  Each time, the performance goes to hell (CPU at 90-99% and blue screen crash soon after).  And I restore from the image backup, which is where I am at the moment.

Is there an older version of the Radeon driver software that I can get and try to install?

I am thinking about going back to 8.1 (If I can persuade Microsoft to give me the software to do so – I think they will), but I do not have the old Radeon drivers for 8.1 either.  The only driver package I see on the AMD site is the same driver package that is failing me with Win 10.

  I am about to throw this little notebook PC in the trash.  All I use it for is to take to meetings and make PowerPoint presentations, so I do not need anything powerful or great.  What I have now, though, won’t do the job.