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New build unable to run any games.

Question asked by rahod on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 6, 2016 by Hardwood

So here is my issue. I have new build which works just fine until I load any game which has 3d graphics. Once the game loads I get a stream of artifacts going across the screen in small amounts and then the video crashes to a black screen. At that point, I have to exit the game (Alt-F4) even though its still running and windows comes up no problem. At one point the system said the drivers failed on the system. I have a new install of windows 10 and updated the OS, I have tried old drivers and the new 16.11.5 each one has the same effect. Graphics look good on benchmark and in-game but then artifacts and crash....So I don't know where to go from here and any help would be great.


CPU - i5 6600

MB - Asus H170 Pro Gaming (updated Bios)

SSD - EVO 850 500gb

RAM - G.Skill 2400 (2) 8gb

PSU - EVGA 600B (600Watts)

GPU - XFX Black Edition 8gb rx480