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What is the best AMD graphic workstation build of 2016?

Question asked by zer0freeze on Dec 5, 2016
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I recently decided that my next computer will be an all AMD build. My last few were all Intel. I have started doing research on what parts to buy. This computer is being built for the purpose of graphics/design. I will be piecing it together slowly part by part so that I can put together a good PC. Let me tell you what the plan is so far.



XFX RADEON RX 480 8GB DDR5 3xDP HDMI Graphic Card - $340

AMD FX-9590 CPU - $200 (Is it worth waiting on ZEN?)

Liquid Cooling for the CPU - $150 (Does anyone have a recommendation for good liquid cooling?)

Radeon SSD R3 480GB SATA III, 6Gbps 2.5 inch/7mm Solid State Drive - $130

Radeon 8GB DDR4-2400 288PIN CL15-15-15-36 Memory - $53 x 4 sticks = $212 OUCH


All I really need is a recommendation for a good AMD motherboard, and a case. I don't think that I would need a full tower case for this build. I would really like a good motherboard. I am willing to buy a case, and a motherboard only, and build it piece by piece. I once made the mistake of buying  a weak motherboard that had few expansion slots. This time I want it to have onboard 802.11ac Ethernet, onboard sound, plenty of expansion slots (So I can maybe run a dual graphic card setup later), USB 3.0, etc. I want a really good motherboard is what I'm trying to say. Any recommendation on a good case and motherboard combo from AMD?


Thank you guys for any good suggestions ahead of time.