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Computer Black screens upon closing game rx 480 4gb

Question asked by alrxa on Dec 5, 2016

Upon closing games like Tera, World of Warships, and in the middle of Black Desert, the screen goes black and system shortly restarts afterward. I've tried adjusting voltage settings on the gpu via radeon crimson 16.11.5, with no luck. Running benchmark tests via Valley cause no issues, but running benchmark tests via MSI's extreme tuning app i've noticed that the cpu and gpu fans do not kick up during the stress tests as much as they should (temperatures reaching or exceeding 90 degrees Celsius). Running the memory stress-test will lead to black screen once the temperature exceeds 90 degrees Celsius. Fan never kicks on as high as it should to cool the card during this. It never crashes upon closing Black Desert, or any games off Steam (Portal 2 and Evolve) and it hasn't crashed when closing War Thunder. No error code is given and upon restart and opening of the desktop a message appears saying Global Wattman settings reset. Also, upon restart the wifi reads as connected, but no internet access, but disconnecting and reconnecting fixes the issue.

Full System specs are:

GPU: Radeon RX 480 4GB

CPU: Intel i5-6402P @ 2.8GHz


Radeon Crimson Version: 16.11.5

OS: Windows 10 x64

MOBO: MSI B150M PRO-D (MS-7996)

Power Supply is 600W.