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how to run an Asus Strix rx480 on my Asus Crosshair iii Formula ?

Question asked by mjmw on Dec 6, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 26, 2018 by gunnerkill
  • sapphire 7790 -> strix rx480
  • Desktop
  • Win7 x64
  • Display Devices
    • 16:10 / 1920*1200: dvi (vga/hdmi) (samsung)
    • 16:9 / 1920*1080: dvi (vga) (benq)
  • asus crosshair iii formula
  • phenom 2 965 be
  • sharkoon 600W PSU
  • 4 * 4gb ram


Describe your issue:

wanted to replace my sapphire 7790 with asus strix rx480.

booted pc, installed driver cd from strix, shutdown pc,

pcie slot 1: replace 7790 with rx480, connected screens to dvi + displayPort, started pc, black screens, keyboard indicates normal boot,

inserted 7790 on pcie slot 2 (now both graphical cards in case), connected one monitor to google for solutions,

searched latest bios for mobo, downloaded, copied to usb, bootet, bios does not recognize usb, reboot, burn rom to cd, reboot, bios finds cd:

after flashing bios to latest downloadable version (was from 2009, latest version from 2012): still no reaction on any connected screen ("no input")