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[Linux] [RX 480] AMDGPU Crashing

Question asked by runedog48 on Dec 5, 2016

I recently received my brand new XFX RX 480 (8gb). Not only was it a pain to get the drivers installed ( ended up reinstalling a newer version of my OS to get them to work ), now I'm experiencing constant crashing. The screen turns black however, the game is still running in the background. I have to restart in order to have graphics. So far this has only occurred whilst playing video games ( DOTA2, Payday 2 ).


System Information

OS: Linux Mint 18 x64 ( based on Ubuntu 16.04 ) ( Cinnamon desktop environment v3.07 )  Kernel 4.4.0-51

CPU: Phenom II X4 955 BE




amdgpu-pro 16.40-348864 ( was completely reinstalled, problems still exist )


Crash Log

Crashing GPU -