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    RX460 2gb XFX crash


      Good Morning ... I am having problems in my rx 460 2gb, games like dota 2 and overwatch are giving crash and not to mention the loss of FPS, I would like a solution I put the driver but current it icomoda very.

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          Seems like an overheating issue or hardware. I have the same issue with my

          xfx 290x. could also be if you to much power drawn from psu or faulty. I'd

          test the video card in another computer and the test the psu in another

          computer as well, unless you have a voltage reader. update drivers, undo

          overclocking, check ram, rearrange ram, remove all but one ram and test it

          how it works, check your cpu to make sure it's seated properly, make sure

          fans are all blowing in one direction out of pc, make sure your not

          exceeding power capacity of psu. check error log to see what could have

          crashed the pc.


          There's more to do but that's all I can think of off the top of my head.

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            Can U share the full specs of your PC to see some possible issues?