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    Installing AMD driver turns my windows 10 unstable


      Operating System : Windows 10 Pro 64-bit (build 10586)

      Laptop: Lenovo G500

      Processor: Intel (R)Core(TM) i5- 3230M CPU@ 2.60Ghz

      RAM: 4GB

      Integrated video card : Intel HDGraphics 4000

      Render: AMD Radeon HD 8570M

      Just yesterday I decided to move from windows 7 to windows 10. After instalation I noticed that only Intel videocard one had a driver. So I went on AMD site and downloaded "Auto Detect utility ".And it recommended me that best driver for this is radeon-crimson-16.3.2-minimalsetup.exe.


      Now. The problem is that. When I'm trying to install this update...the process will reach 53% and it will crash my windows. The screen will freeze. I can't do anything, can't open task manager or anything. After restarting the laptop, the screen will freeze in windows logo loading. Only options are to reinstall windows or to access system restore.

      Is there a way I could install my AMD Video Driver ?