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Eyefinity display disabled when one monitor removed

Question asked by iandifinity on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2016 by iandifinity

Hey there


I have a sort of video wall exhibit thingy that uses 5 monitor and a w600. Due to application limitations, I have had to create an eyefinity group to make one large display. The application then controls putting content on the individual monitors based on resolution only. To the machine, it is one big display which is what i want.



The problem we are having, is that if one of the displays does not come on, the eyefinity group seems to get disabled and they go back to discrete monitors again. There are cases where a monitor does not turn on in a timely fashion for instance, and then the display group is disabled. Even if this happens temporarily it screws up our application. Also if someone were to unplug a monitor or there was a failure, it would be nice if the exhibit kept running in those cases minus one monitor. When the monitor is restored, the display group does come back online and spans automatically to all the monitors. What i am looking for is for the video card to "fake" the monitor being there, even when its unplugged. We are using DP to HDMI active dongles with all monitors.


Is this expected behaviour? When a monitor is off the eyefinity display group is disabled? how do i prevent this? When we purchased this card, this was discussed and someone (or some literature) mentioned that it would be fine if one monitor is lost. So i hope its just a setting I am missing. Please let me know thanks.