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R7 260x freezing my screen on windows 10

Question asked by lcreanimator on Dec 5, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 9, 2017 by hardcoregames™

Hello, I've been having a recurring problem with my R7 260x, which I had since February last year. The issue started about 3 weeks ago.


My screen would occasionally freeze up. It usually happens when I play a game, but sometimes it just happens when no game is running.

The computer doesn't shut down; the lights are on, music plays and the fans are running, but the screen is frozen and I can't do anything.

I tried the latest drivers, but that doesn't do anything. I even tried rolling back to 16.7, but that changed nothing either.


I ran a program a few days ago, AIDA 64 extreme, to try to test my hardware, to see what the problem is, and according to speed fan, my gpu overheats at around 50 degrees. Its at that point the issue occurs.


I am running windows 10, my motherboard is a gigabyte H81M-HD3 rev 2.0 with the latest bios version, an intel i3 4150 cpu and my PSU is 500w


Is my card busted, or am I missing something?