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    R7 260x freezing my screen on windows 10


      Hello, I've been having a recurring problem with my R7 260x, which I had since February last year. The issue started about 3 weeks ago.


      My screen would occasionally freeze up. It usually happens when I play a game, but sometimes it just happens when no game is running.

      The computer doesn't shut down; the lights are on, music plays and the fans are running, but the screen is frozen and I can't do anything.

      I tried the latest drivers, but that doesn't do anything. I even tried rolling back to 16.7, but that changed nothing either.


      I ran a program a few days ago, AIDA 64 extreme, to try to test my hardware, to see what the problem is, and according to speed fan, my gpu overheats at around 50 degrees. Its at that point the issue occurs.


      I am running windows 10, my motherboard is a gigabyte H81M-HD3 rev 2.0 with the latest bios version, an intel i3 4150 cpu and my PSU is 500w


      Is my card busted, or am I missing something?

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          I doubt the issue is related to the GPU hitting 50c, but it does sound like it could be faulty. You can try lowering the Core clock speed by around 100-200Mhz to see if that reduces the frequency of the issue.

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            Knock my Head on wood lol,I have never had an issue with my 260x, with any of the Driver updates, I am using W7 though. At the moment I am playing W3 and having a great time. Not maxed out on Ultra but very pleased with my settings and game play. Not using any graphics tweaks or apps and game looks and plays great.


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              So, a bit of an update


              I took it to a computer repair guy. He said that the CPU fan was somehow disconnected, and that he ran a bunch of tests afterwards that said that all components were healthy. Furmark, HD Tests, CPU tests, the lot.


              So I took my machine home, and started playing XCOM 2. It did last a bit longer, but the same problem occurred after 15 or so minutes

              BUT a new thing happened. This time after I restarted my computer, I got the message "Application XCOM2.exe has been blocked from accessing the graphics hardware"

              What could that mean? That's new, I never had that problem before.

              Should I update my drivers again? Is 16.12 stable?


              UPDATE : GPU stress test fails at home. 200% confused

              Also, is it possible that the power cord is the culprit? I've been using the cord for the last 6 or so years, and I didn't give it to the tech guy to use for his tests.nIt doesn't belong to the PSU either; its from an older one

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                  Thanks for the update, I am curious about why you did a " Stress " test at home even after you took it to a computer shop and they said all was fine. As to the Power cord, if you have a good relationship with your local shop you might try to ask if you could borrow the same cord just to see if it makes a difference.

                  Also to your Xcom question, try to run it from the program folder as admin. I have to right click my icons ( W7 ) to get the option, don't know about W10. If it happens again check and see if your security might have blocked or quarantined the exe file. It's possible you might have to allow an exception via security/firewall.


                  Also sense this issue comes after your taking it to a computer shop, no harm in asking while you may be dropping in about the power cord. Remember you get more flies with honey then vinegar.


                  Keep us updated please,


                  Regards, Ambrose

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                      Thank you for your response.

                      To answer your question, after the issue occurred with XCOM 2, I wanted to see if the culprit was the game, or if it was something else. So I ran the same test the computer guy did, to see if it crashed. It did, which tells me that the problem may not be my computer, but some external difference.  The only differences I could think of is the power cord and the monitor


                      I will try to use a different power cord. The one I've been using is not the one that came with the PSU, but an old one that I've been using for a while. Its also connected to a power strip of equal age, so I may have to replace that as well. Is that even possible, for an power cord to supply less power than it normally should? Its curious that the GPU is the only thing that gets shut down due to (supposedly) a lack of power, and not the whole computer.

                      If that doesn't work, I'll have to find another monitor. I think I have an old one around here somewhere.

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                    Update :


                    I got it to pass a stress test by uninstalling ati high definition audio


                    XCOM 2 still crashes though. Same message as before - XCOM2.exe has been blocked from accessing system hardware.

                    I checked windows firewall and my antivirus, and it should be allowed.

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                        Hello Again,


                        Hmmm...interesting about the AMD HDA, I have always had mine active but just for a test I just disabled it via device manager and I'll do a restart, Just because that's my habit.


                        As to your XCom exe. I know it's probably a long shot but you might try calling your ISP just to see if they are running some type of firewall service and if so ask if they can turn it off or put it on the lowliest setting via your modem/router. My ISP provides the hardware and I actually had to tell them to turn theirs( Firewall ) off as just their lowest setting was not allowing me to connect to an online game I played.


                        Again. probably a long shot but at least you'll know if they do and you can have it on low or shut off. After that, you might try reinstalling or verifying the game files if they offer the choice to do so. I know I can do this in the Witcher3.


                        Please keep us informed as always.


                        Regards, Ambrose

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                        If your 500W PSU is old, it may be past its best before too. Power cords are usually OK even with 800W loads.


                        Could be one of several factors leading to overheating. Try scanning for malware just in case.


                        Its unlikely but it's possible your video card has a problem

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                          I am quite perplexed now


                          - The graphics card passes all stress tests, as well as the CPU, ram and hard drive. It's not the power supply, as the tests would have failed due to lack of power

                          - I do not have another harddrive to experiment with

                          - The GPU also passes the Call of Pripyat benchmark and I can play medieval 2 and terraria just fine, at least for the time that I played them.

                          - The operating system is pretty new; I've only had it for a month, and most of time the computer was off, as I was worried that the problem was a power issue. Before I used windows 7, and I had the same issues there.

                          - drivers are the latest 16.12.2

                          - In fact, it appears to be working fine except for the fact that for whatever reason, XCOM 2 crashes really hard whenever I try to continue my game, and in the event viewer I got two error messages "xcom2.exe has been blocked from accessing the graphics hardware" and "driver amdkmdap has stopped responding and successfully recover" (several of those). The effect is pretty much the same though; screen freezes up, there's a bit of tearing and I can't do anything other than restart the computer.


                          Update : Same issue occurred with League of Legends. Now I'm worried that its not just XCOM 2, and that its something more serious.

                          Is it worth mentioning that my new PSU is an Advance brand?

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                            So I installed the new PSU. I had no problems for a day, but the day after the same problem occurred 5 minutes into borderlands.

                            Screen froze, then turned off, then I had to manually restart the machine. On top of that, it froze a few times on start up.

                            I managed to get control back. I think turning on the integrated graphics had something to do with getting control back, but I don't know.

                            I'm at a loss here. I don't know what's going on.

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                                disable the integrated graphics, it should disable automatically, at least it does on my i3 box

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                                    The integrated graphics were disabled when BL crashed.

                                    When I tried playing BL with integrated graphics on, it crashed during the menu, and kept crashing at start up until I turned the integrated graphics on.

                                    When I tried updating my post with the integrated graphics off, it crashed. No game was being played

                                    When I tried updating my post again with the integrated graphics on, it still crashed. Same symptoms as before, screen frozen, then monitor off, absolutely no response. The keyboard lights didn't even toggle (the lights that tell you if numlock, caps, whatever is on)


                                    The whole time I heard a very loud whine. When I examined my machine to determine its location, it sounded like it was coming from the 260x, but I'm not sure.

                                    I don't know what the temperatures of it were, but I was examining temps earlier that day and I didn't see anything unusual.


                                    I'm writing this on my laptop now. Currently my desktop is unusable. Oddly enough, this sort of thing happened when it first came home with the Advance power supply; it worked fine for a day, then the day after it acts up. Though this time it was working for most of the day until I tried playing borderlands.

                                    Borderlands installed phyx on my machine during first time set up. Could that have something to do with it? I was sure that I was able to play that with physx before though, with the same CPU and AMD card.


                                    EDIT: After leaving it over night, its now working again. Perhaps something is overheating or something?

                                    I ran that intel processor diagnostic tool, and it passed all tests. Is there a good GPU diagnostic tool that does a in depth analysis? The stress test tools don't seem to be cutting it.