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What clocksource for AMD CPUs?

Question asked by das_linux on Dec 5, 2016

Hi there,


I run a Linux system (kernel 4.4.27) on a AMD FX(tm)-4300.

When using TSC clocksource it runs mostly stable, but with random freezes at boot time, right after kernel is loaded.

HPET may work better, but acpi_pm seems to be the most stable. Never had freezes with that.


Thus I´d like to know, what clocksource recommends AMD? And what does AMD say about apci_pm?

Mainboard is an Asrock 970 Extreme 3.0 Version 2.0. Would you recommend using acpi_osi=Linux?

I´m not sure, but acpi_osi seem to influence stability as well.


Best thanks.