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      Built to do war in online arenas with premium parts, powered by AMD graphics and CPU. System allows extensive expandability and longevity.





      Floppy disk is my coaster!



      Current PSU, you can see how much larger the 1250 watt is over the standard sized PSU.


      Cat tax.





      CPUFX-6300 (4.6ghz)
      CoolerAMD 8XXX SERIES AIO cooler
      MotherboardGigabyte 990FXA-UD3
      MemoryPatriot 16gb 4x4gb
      GraphicsSapphire R9 290 Tri-X
      Disc Drive 1Samsung 850 EVO 500gb SSD
      Disc Drive 23tb Seagate raid 0 array
      Disc Drive 32tb Hitachi raid 10 array
      PSUSeasonic 1250watt gold rated
      CaseCorsair C70 (olive)
      MonitorAsus 24' led
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          Rig looks awesome! (your cat seems to like it too)

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            Holy cow that's a beefy PSU lol

            Are you planning on crossfire in the future?

            Normally I don't like the condiment colored PSU cables but they actually work really well with your theme here, nice rig

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                Yeah the psu is very overkill and never intended on getting one nearly this powerful. But it popped up on craigslist for $100 and had been used for less then a month so it was hard to pass up. It has a hybrid fan mode so the fan almost never kicks on and helps in keeping the system quite and cool. I have added a new pic showing the psu upgrade to the seasonic one and the size difference is crazy. I may look into crossfire once I get a new cpu as the fx-6300 is a bottle neck for a single r9 290 and a second one would not yet be worth the price. As for the cables I have a bundle of paracord I just got in to do a custom wire-sleeve job the will match the color theme nicely, as I agree the standard stuff looks terrible.

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                    Definitely can't beat that price lol

                    Yeah I can see the 6300 being an issue with crossfire lol looking forward to seeing the sleeving done

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                        Yea, I have just been waiting to hear about zen before picking a path to go down for a new processor. Hoping the event next week gives me a better idea of what they will have to offer. if all else fails an 8350 has gotten cheaper and could even try an 9xxx series if I find some extra money burning a whole on my pocket lol.

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                            I hear ya lol really hoping zen does well. The 8350 is still a great chip and might be better for you since I'm not sure if the ud3 supports 9000 series, the 8350s are great over clockers so you could easily get close to the same performance.

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                                It should support the 9xxx chips no problem. There's very minimal difference between the ud3,ud5, and ud7. Mostly just extra features like WiFi and stuff I don't have a need for. From what I have gathered is that thw MOSFETs and vrms get hot because of the tdp but thats with any board. An extra fan blowing on the boards can help a lot and my case has spots for fans to blow directly on the board so I have that going for me.

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                        that AIO WC 4 CPU is sexy! I have the same GPU

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                            Thanks, I got a great deal on it at only $30 off some guy on craigslist. He only tested it out for a few days while waiting on his custom loop setup to come in the mail. AMD packaged these with the FX-8150 cpu's when they first came out.