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AMD Radeon R9 270 on DELL XPS 8700

Question asked by dancam on Dec 4, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by redfury

Hello everyone,


Something weird happened to me yesterday night. I was playing Final Fantasy XII on PCSX2 (PlayStation 2 Emulator) when suddenly, my computer froze and my monitor turned black with weird lines, then nothing.


This Graphic Card (AMD Radeon R9 270) has always given me overheating issues due to the poor ventilation design of the DELL XPS 8700 Case and the on the card itself. So I thought about cleaning up the heat sink and the fan. I never really did since I got it back in August 2014 and it was a good thing as it was fairly clogged with dust buildup. At the same time, I decided to remove the CPU fan to clean up the CPU heatsink and the fan itself.


I reassembled everything back like it was and when I booted my computer up, nothing. Windows 10 refused to boot up after the typical DELL logo screen. It was just a plain black screen with nothing else happening. I immediately thought that some of the Windows startup files got corrupted for some reason, so I tried everything I read on the internet, but no solution worked for me.


I went back to Safe-Mode and set, in the Device Manager Tab, the Display Adapter to "Microsoft Basic Display Adapter" instead of AMD Radeon R9 270 by using the Roll back Driver option and rebooted normally to rule out the possibility that might be something wrong with the card. Just as I thought, it rebooted just fine. I went back into the Device Manager Tab and set it back to AMD Radeon R9 270 by using the Update Driver option and it immediately crashed again with a black screen...



Speaking of the Device Manager Tab, I also noticed that the Inter(R) Management Engine Interface has the exclamation mark icon in it and when I go to properties it says this:





Does this mean that the Card is broken in some way or could it be related the PCI bus failure? Any thoughts?



P.S. I also tried to download and use the official AMD drivers from their website and it does the same thing.