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    fx 8300 OC power/Temperatures


      Hi all!

      Recently i bought used Coolermaster Eisberg 240l. After few days of cleaning i got it nice and clean and instaled it on my FX 8300. Now playing with overclocking it and im not sure if my temp readings are correct on settings i run it.

      here is my config

      MBO Gigabyte GA-970a-ds3p

      CPU fx 8300

      Ram G skill ripjaws x 1600mhz cl9

      GPU gigabyte r9 380x

      PSU FSP hyper 700W



      Do those temps look ok? Is it possible that locking it down to 6 cores is giving false readings, or is that eisberg just so efficient?

      And is anyone able to tell me aprox power consumption fx 8300 is pulling with that frequency and this voltage either on 8 cores or even better on 6 cores as it is now.

      According from info i got till now locking 2 cores indead lowered power draw for 20-25%.

      Since its weak 4+1 phase mbo and i increased voltage on it for +0,34V i have 60mm fan blowing on vrm heatsink and thermal probe glued on back side of motherboard on VRM posittion and measuring max temp of 65°C on it under full load.