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    PC turning off issue after buying AMD RX470


      Hello guys

      I bought AMD RX470 4GB MSI and in most games it works normally.

      But in Watch Dogs 2 when playing for 30-60 mins my PC turns off without any warning

      and if i want to turn my PC on i need to unplug cable from PSU and plug the cable in the PSU

      otherwise the PC wont turn on. And the PC is not overheating.

      My graphic card that i had before the RX470 was AMD Radeon HD 6870 Sapphire

      and it did not do anything like this. When i ran the graphic card test max temp was 68C and PC

      turned off after 1-3 mins. Is the Graphics card damaged or its something else ?

      My specs are:


      AMD FX8350


      AMD RX470 MSI Gaming X 4G


      12 G RAM


      650 or 600 PSU


      AS Rock 970M PRO3

      For any help thanks