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Black screens followed by system freeze.

Question asked by gumbotheslow56 on Dec 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by amdmatt

my system.

HP Paviliion 22cw IPS led backlit monitor. ASUSTek G20BM windows 10 home 64bit.  AMD FX770k quad core 3500mhz.  12gb  GDDR5  Radeon R9 200. 2048mb. Radeon crimson 16.11.5.(minimum installation as recommended).



my problem.

when the system is idle or whilst browsing the internet or playing a game, my screen goes black for a few seconds and then recovers. it happens two or thee times at random intervals and then finally the screen goes black and all I can do is restart via the power switch, as the keyboard and the mouse are dead.

i have checked that windows is up to date and is not corrupt.


any advice gratefully received.



UPDATE. I followed the steps listed in the " fix it yourself " section. I ran the DISM/online as instructed and SFC/scan. no problems.  I downloaded the tool that removes all the AMD software.ran it. and after the restart from it, I returned to and dowloaded/installed the tool that detects my system and what software it requires from AMD. after the installation and restart, everything seemed ok. after about half and hour with no stickiness or black screens,  I launched FO3NV and loaded my saved game (all mods disabled. just to be sure) as a test and played for all of 10 minutes before the screen went black and the system froze.


since then my pc is back the way it was before I did any of the steps listed above.


in fact it has gone to a black screen and recovered twice while I was typing this update.


I'm rather frustrated as you might imagine. 


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