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    cl_mem_object_allocation_failure when calling clEnqueueNDRangeKernel


      So I'm writing a program that computes the convex hull of a group of points in 2D space.


      I am debugging it so I can get it to work first before moving onto larger amounts of data.

      I am testing with 5 points, 4 in a square and 1 inside the square.

      I allocate a total of 65 cl_float2s, 10 cl_int2s, and 10 cl_ints.

      at 4 bytes each, this all comes in at under a tenth of a Kb.

      I have 3 kernels, each called exactly once, and all my code is attached.

      I get the error after the first call to clEnqueNDRangeKernel.


      Does anyone know what could cause this? CodeXL can't report additional info on it

      because it crashes immediately after the call to clEnqueNDRangeKernel and the

      loses it's state in the crash.


      I also know that commenting out the last kernel and the calls to set it's arguments

      fixes the crash. But I don't have any means by which to accomplish the task in just

      those two alone.


      Has anyone seen this before or know what might be causing it?


      UPDATE: I tried compiling and running on the CPU instead of the GPU and got the

      same error.