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Windows not booting up after installing latest drivers .

Question asked by b1rdzmanmo on Dec 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 5, 2016 by amdmatt

Graphic card : SAPPHIRE R7 250X 2GB GDDR5



have a big problem that been caused lately , i left my computer OPEN downloading games on STEAM for like 2 DAYS And after i came back from school to see the process i encounterd a problem doing that , when i opened my screen it was BLACK, i rebooted and it was THE SAME. it says STARTING WINDOWS and after a couple of seconds windows is not booting up and showing BLACK SCREEN. so i decided to reinstall windows , i did that and then windows worked and booted normally finally , BUT after updating the graphic card drivers (when i did that , it said that everything was installed and reboot to finish the process) so i rebooted my computer and suddenly the problem comes up again - a black screen after the "starting windows" text. So i wanted to know , is the Graphic card is the problem? i really don't know what to do , i must know what is the problem , because if thats the graphic card , i will buy a new one thanks