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    Crimson Drivers affecting game controls


      I recently bought Evochron Legacy and Starpoint Gemini Warlords from steam. The forum for Warlords suggested updating my CCC drivers to Crimson to fix some issues with gameplay so I did. Before I updated, Evochron Legacy worked perfectly, but after I updated to Crimson drivers, my ship was stuck on full throttle. Acceleration, deceleration, and full stop controls were completely unresponsive, not to mention that my ship would now randomly go into afterburner mode and I started noticing some stuttering in the game even when I was just sitting there. I have an R7 250 graphics card, which I know is not super high end, but has had no trouble with games so far. The only thing that had been changed between Legacy working and Legacy not working was the Crimson drivers. Today, just to make sure it wasn't something else, I uninstalled the Crimson drivers and reinstalled the CCC drivers and now Legacy works perfectly again. Has anyone else had this problem with any other games?