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No signal to monitor. Card, PSU, and monitor all work

Question asked by kpslly on Dec 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2016 by redfury

Hi everybody, I know this is a common problem, but I've tried the solutions in similar threads and couldn't get a solution. So here is my situation

The computer is a Acer ATC-780A-UR11

Windows 10 64 bit.

The graphics card is a Sapphire Radeon 7770 HD



The graphics card works in my other computer.

The power supply isn't the problem because I've tried using the power supply from my other computer.

The monitor and hdmi cable are from the other computer as well.

So all of the parts are working individually.



The problem is that whenever the graphics card is in the slot I won't get a signal to the monitor using either the hdmi port on the card or the onboard port. The card is getting power, the fan is spinning. The computer boots, I can hear the beeps and reset if I hit the buttons to get into the boot menu and exit, I just can't see anything.



Things I've tried. I've tried turning off secure boot, disabling the onboard graphics through device manage, installing the graphics card drivers. I'm stumped here. Please help.