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R 7 250not working on hdmi

Question asked by treygzn on Dec 3, 2016

Hi guys, this is my first thread so sorry if I do anything wrong.


I got an msi R7250 2gb card for my birthday as a gift from my late uncle, and I had installed the drivers and everything, but when im connected to hdmi, everytime I try to do anything such as launch heaven benchmark, I get a black screen. Now the pc is still running, just the screen is black. And also if I say open chrome, and open new tabs, screen flashes black then back to normal, and does this consistently. Now a strange thing, is that if I connect another monitor, a vga one, it works flawlessly. It just doesnt make sense to me.


Things I have done are a driver wipe, removed all old drivers and reinstall. That did not work. Im getting really desprate to try and get this working.


Thanks for help In advance.

Oh and if needed, my specs are as follows:

i7 4770

Asus H97M-E

8gb ddr3 1600mhz

thermaltake litepower 550