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    AMD A8-5600K too hot?


      Hi, my processor is at 75° when im not using at all the computer, i would like to know if thats too hot and how i can put it colder? Thanks

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          Hey klipto,


          We'll be happy to assist you with your issue, but firstly, could you perhaps provide us with more information in regards to your configurations specifications please? This will assist us in determining what the issue might be and provide us greater insight on your specific system. Also, make sure to clarify whether you're temperature data is in Fahrenheit or Celsius, as that's incredibly important.


          So, when you respond, make sure to list everything found here, as well as your current heatsink/cooling situation, case model and case fan model/quantity. Then also list any system changes such as overclocking that you might have recently made (if applicable), to ensure we're completely enlightened when troubleshooting your issue.


          Thank you and have a nice day.

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              yeah, we can't help you with anything if AT LEAST telling either you are trying to say 75 Celsius or Fahrenheit as it is crucial.


              and also, what's the last time when you cleared the cooler? does it make a "voo" sound? why in general are you afraid that it is too hot?

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              Its 75 Celsius, and the reason its cuz it started to work really slowly