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New Driver Download Page

Question asked by h1ght on Dec 2, 2016

Can you make a "blank, vanilla, javascript addonsh1tdunnowhatelse" new Downloadpage for the Driver Section by default or redirect if, there is no javascript etc. allowed? or is there already something like that?


Its everytime the same. After i installed a fresh new Windows 7, the default Browser, IE dunnowhatnumber, cant render/show the homepage correctly. its a pa41n in the a55 to download a browser, before installing drivers. its annoying.


like a basic "file" tree. it can be a basic ftp-to-http site. google will index it as #1 after a while, cause its basic, simple, easy.

newest generation on top. and going downwards with older cards. seperated in generations. those ppl who know, which gpu is in their pc, dont install the wrong drivers by default. otherppl use the "....javascript whatever" auto detection and get their drivers there.

i use noscript,ghostery, adblock origin. and even after i added a handfull of "idontknowwhichinsultisntinsultingtoomuch" it doenst work. just if i allow everything. but it make no sense, what googletagmanager has to do on this page.

on the otherside, its a "nice to have" to show, the authero of the homepage can code creativly. but its not usefull. not for me. and i think enthusiast agree with me.

its basicly so creativly, that it has no simple use anymore. like an apple product. and amd is not apple.