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Darksiders Warmastered Edition: Low Framerates / Gameplay Issues 

Question asked by gamelounge78 on Dec 2, 2016

So we all either got this game for free or purchased it from Steam for 3 dollars to discover that the games runs at a very slow rate.  If you were to turn or run near an area of the game where there are no post processing effects, then the game runs very well.  Most of us gamers with any type of AMD GPU are experiencing this, however.


[STEAM] darksiders Warmastered Edition [AMD card 25 fps with drops to 18 ] - YouTube


Now I have a R9 Fury, 4GB HBM....which is a monster of a GPU and it runs just like the video above or worse.  The framerates will dip when you look at a lot of processing or more items that explode on the screen.


I also have the PS4 version, which is running at a smooth 60 FPS despite some coding issues.  Here is my gameplay:


#Gaming | Darksiders: Warmastered Edition (30 Nov 16 8:35 PM EST) - YouTube


I will not go into such detail as you are already aware of the issues.  Thanks.