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    Crash and driver failure



      A few days ago my computer crashed; when rebooted only one (of three) monitors was working, and in in only at a minimal resolution. The resolution settings under Advanced Display Settings was greyed out and could not be changed. When I went to open the Crimson control panel, I was greeted with the error (this was new, worked perfectly well prior to crash) "No AMD graphics driver is installed, or..."

      2016-12-01 (3).png

      Following other forum posts, I used the DDU Uninstaller [ Official Display Driver Uninstaller DDU Download ] in Safe Mode to completely uninstall the drivers and reinstall them after (AV (Including Windows Defender) is off during this process). However, as I was reinstalling the drivers, my computer crashed a second time and sent me into a boot cycle. The automatic repair failed, but resetting the PC (keeping my files, losing my apps) worked. After this, I shut down the PC for the night and in the morning rebooted after removing two monitors. The third monitor now works in its native resolution, but the same problems persist (as well as the greyed out resolution setting) except this time I have no apps.

      2016-12-02 (1).png

      I followed also advice from this post [ https://community.amd.com/message/2756867?q=no amd graphics driver is installed ] and installed Intel drivers as well.


      I have seen no further difference, with all errors still occurring as they were, despite all drivers being reinstalled successfully.


      System specs:

      Windows 10 Home, 64 bit

      r9 255 (2gb)

      Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-4770 CPU @ 3.40GHz


      I should also note that I have had issues prior to this crash. The day before the crash, it stuttered somewhat significantly in a game (although it was unnoticeable when I was working) and I have seen occasional artifacting at the beginnings of videos of YouTube videos for some time now. Beyond that, I had issues a few months ago with the last big Windows update rollout that had to have Windows completely reinstalled to work again.

      I apologize for the long post, and thank you for your time.

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          I have been dealing with PC crashes on 2x rx480 xfx black oc 8gb crossfire setup since literally the day they came out. I have built a bran new PC and were having problems with hard PC crashing only when the rx cards are installed. Nvidia cards or any other cards run fine. So i then replaced each component of my bran new build with a better higher quality component. This includes, PC Case, CPU, Motherboard, Ram, 4x different PSU's, hard drives, ssds, power outlet, surge protector. I have re-installed windows 10 10-20 times. I have spent 100's of hours troubleshooting this problem. I RMA'd both of my cards and got new cards. I then installed liquid cooling which made my PC so silent that i could hear a capacitor buzzing on one of the cards, that RMA is in the mail right now and awating testing. XFX keeps trying to tell me its my problem and its my pc causing the issue. Although i highly doubt two sets of different bran new components can cause the same issue. The kernel41's seem to have slowed down which may mean driver issues. I'm at wits end. Never buying XFX or AMD ever again. I could put an Nvidia card in this machine and be off to the races no problem. Somehow we all got duped into buying a card released too soon with way too many power and driver issues and we basically paid to be beta testers.



          850 corsair Gold rated PSU

          MSI Z170a sli Plus

          16gb kingston hyper x ram  

          windows10 os installed on corsair SSD

          2x xfx8gb rx480 black oc edition

          corsair air 540 case

          liquid corsair CPU cooler.