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Small purple/green artifacts covering screen and unresponsive desktop

Question asked by averna22 on Dec 3, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 3, 2016 by redfury

I just finished building my computer a week ago with all new parts and have been having graphical issues since the very beginning. I've searched through many forums and have been unable to find a similar case as mine or anything to help me as nothing seems to make a difference.


6600k stock with Cryorig h7 cooler

Asrock Z170M Pro4s

Corsair Vengeance LPX 2400 1x 8GB

Corsair CX650M


Windows 10 Pro

Monitor: Vizio 4k Tv with hdmi


Windows and motherboard bios, and graphics card bios are all up to date. I do not have any third party adblockers or malware blockers installed.

The pc runs beautifully on the onboard graphics without a single hiccup and the system is completely stable while running stress tests without the GPU. However when I try to use my graphics card I get a lot of artifacting that appears in the form of tiny green or purple pixels that cover the screen and the desktop gets very very slow and completely unresponsive most of the time. Programs will also only appear as a border with nothing inside at times. Also, programs will sometimes mirror themselves but be very distorted.


The steps I have taken to eliminate any possible causes are as follows:

1. Switched monitors to a proper computer monitor using dvi, no change

2. Used ddu in safe mode, and reinstalled most current drivers, no change. I even tried installing some older versions of drivers that people made mentions of on other posts that were more stable for them than others, still no change.

3. Borrowed a PC from a friend to use for testing. Removed and installed my GPU into his system(I had to use my power supply as well because his only had a single 6pin pcie connector), ran ddu in safe mode, and installed drivers. Same issues persisted in his computer.  This narrowed it down to either PSU problem or GPU problem.

4. Went to Best Buy and bought the best PSU they carried, albeit it was only a 520w Insignia unit, it should still be plenty of power, and the issues did not go away.

5. Finally I had an idea of using my onboard gpu and discrete gpu at the same time using two different inputs on my TV with the PC seeing it as a dual monitor setup where I could extend the Display and use both intel onboard graphics and AMD drivers at the same time. This gave me the ability to open Wattman and underclock and undervolt my graphics card on the stable desktop the see if the card was overclocked too far from factory(highly unlikely i know, but it was worth a shot) and that also made no change. Attached are pictures of the stable desktop with onboard graphics and another with the discrete graphics showing an example of the problem. Again both were used at the same time in a dual display type setup.


I don't know if this is a driver issue or a GPU issue. Any help would be much appreciated because I am getting very discouraged with my first pc build on my own and I am beginning to feel like I've wasted my money. I tried to be as thorough in my description as I could but if I left anything out feel free to let me know where i can offer more info.