AMD to live stream Zen "New Horizon" gaming event December 13th

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AMD is holding a live-stream "New Horizon" event on December 13 at 3pm CST to showcase the performance of its Zen CPU. AMD's Zen is perhaps one of the most exciting processor releases in recent history, largely due to the redesigned microarchitecture, which promises a 40% IPC boost compared to the previous-generation AMD products. You can register for the live-streamed event here, but there are very few details available. We do know that eSports and Evil Geniuses "legend" PPD will (apparently) do some live gaming on a Zen system, and the company also notes that there will be appearances from other special guests and prize giveaways. Geoff Keighley will MC the event.


The question still remains: Will AMD showcase Zen on a Windows 7 or 8.1 system and get the 75% of Windows users excited, or ignore it and let Zen slide into a vast minority of the market of a small percentage of Windows 10 users who are not die hard Intel user? Microsoft is trying their best to scare the market by withholding support of Kaby Lake and Zen from 7 and 8.1, so AMD needs to show the world how it performs, as there are no Kaby Lake benchmarks yet on 7 and 8.1. Get those good numbers out there and Skylake disappears from Christmas lists. Withhold those numbers and AMD is on the path to Chapter 13.