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    Gesture Control Download - Error: damaged folder or file


      I have a Lenovo z50-75 and if I am not wrong meets the requisites of Gesture Control


      Versione software Radeon - 16.1.1

      Edizione software Radeon - Crimson

      Chipset grafico - AMD Radeon(TM) R7 Graphics

      Capacità della memoria - 1024 MB

      Tipo di memoria - DDR3

      Clock principale - 554 MHz

      Versione Windows - Windows 8.1

      Memoria di sistema - 8 GB

      Tipo di CPU - AMD FX-7500 Radeon R7, 10 Compute Cores 4C+6G


      I have downloaded the AMDAutodetect.exe and clicked on the download link.

      it took me a while to find the .exe, that is very light = 35KB (?)

      When I launch it I receive the following error:


      Error: damaged folder or file: that's all



      Can someone at AMD check if the file to be downloaded is corrupted, please?