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i cant boot windows 7 with new driver

Question asked by recurvez on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2016 by recurvez

so i'll begin to explain what happened.

i have these new drivers downloaded on the 28th of november if i remember correctly, fine i am playing h1z1 kotk for like 3 days straight (mind that i am using the same driver).

and today all of a sudden h1z1 freezes with a black screen and white lines all over the screen.

i restart my pc, the windows logo loads and then just a permanent black screen.

so i restart go on safe mode download amd uninstall utility and now i am using my amd gpu without a driver so i guess it's not a hardware problem because the gpu works without the driver.

i am using a r9 270x i was wondering these things:

if someone had this problem before

where is the previous driver before the latest one and where to download it

please help me out it's very important to me