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    Debate: Best FPS Ever?

      In my 28 years of life, I've learned that a healthy debate is the best way to get to know someone.


      So, with that... Let's have some fun today, as I want to know you all better!


      What is the best FPS (First Person Shooter) game out there, and why?


      Obviously, I'm going to say Halo (it's between 1 & 5), because well... It's the best FPS series of all time. What it did for the genre is undeniable. The FPS market made strides with Halo's release, and they have continued to push the envelope.

      So spill it, what's the best?

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          Hey nelstar15,


          I'd have to say the original DOOM is still the greatest FPS ever made. Aside from laying the foundation for the FPS genre in a whole, it's still incredibly playable to this day. So much so, that it still outshines most new releases in terms of level design and fun factor. Simply put, there aren't many games that have aged as well as DOOM has and that's a testament to its quality as well as its status as being the essential FPS classic many consider it to be.


          Then when thinking in terms of the series in a whole, there's truly not one lackluster release. From the original DOOM, to the most recent series reboot and everything in between, each and every release was a fantastic follow up to its predecessor without missing a beat. Yet, since we're specifically speaking in terms of a singular title, without the original DOOM, nothing follows. The genre wouldn't be what it is today without it and in my opinion, the same can't be said to the same degree about any other FPS game released prior or since.


          So, although I'm a huge fan of Quake, Unreal, Bio/System Shock and what would have been my second choice as the greatest of all time, the original Halo and many of its series successors which are all wonderful games and classics in their own right, there's only one game that I continue to return to or should I say, never stopped playing since its release in 1993, DOOM and its simple brilliance never ceases to amaze me.

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            I have played a lot of fps but really nothing compares to CS 1.5 in my book. That left the biggest mark for me. If I have to go back to the very first fps I played it would be

            Duke Nukem 64.

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              Personally I think Counter-Strike 1.6 was the best FPS of all time. But as time went on, newer and shinier stuff surfaced.

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                For their time, I would have to pick Unreal Tournament or Halo(the og halo). Both are pretty ahead of their time/ground breaking. Unreal Tournament was my first FPS. And Halo was the game that got me to love the xbox. I remember when I went to my dads work I'd play Halo on the company xbox for hours with my siblings. Unreal tournament was very frustrating for me because well I feel like console gaming was easier for me at the time, I didn't have that steady of a hand when I was like 6 years old


                TL;DR: Can't decide between Unreal Tournament and Halo

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                  I played so much Counter-Strike decades ago, but for the lack of a better word, I play mainly abstract shooters now, such as Doom, Overwatch, and Paladins. I appreciate the art, and Doom is awesome via the id Tech 6 engine and Vulkan!

                  I might like realistic shooters like Battlefield or Rainbow Six, but I never played them.

                  Halo was fun when I played FPS on consoles.

                  I'm anticipating Quake Champions. I'm not sure, but I hope to get another Unreal Tournament, too.

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                    While I'm a huge Wolfenstein series fan, I think RTCW:ET is very high on my list. It was somewhat dumped by its developers and publisher (Splash Damage & id Software), because they didn't think it was good enough compared to the single player campaigns in the series. The effect was that everyone could pick up Enemy Territory for free, and that was in a time before we had dlc or in-game purchases, so everyone was equal.
                    The game was very open in ways of modding and a lot of maps were created by its own player-base. Resulting in ETpub, the 'I'm here just for a fun game' type of mod and ETpro, the 'we're gonna play a match on a closed server to see whose team is better' type of mod. It gave a huge boost to what later became known as eSports (not as big as Unreal Tournament, but still a lot of sites were created for rankings and matchmaking, platforms that evolved into what we have now).

                    It has a basic, yet good, skill and class system. Where vital parts in the objective based maps are played by medics and engineers and three other classes provide tactical options to a team. It was a rather simple shooter based on skill, but with a good team and tactics you could win from far better skilled players aim-wise.
                    The servers were all dedicated servers, which can be set up (with custom rules, for example one class or gun is not usable) as the owner wants it.

                    While the game became old quit fast on graphical level (as do all games nowadays), texture packs where released by modders. When internet speeds increased by the years, the packs became bigger and bigger.
                    At some point the public server list became more empty by the day and it was harder to find a team to fight on the same skill level (so I quit playing the game).


                    Knowing id Software with their Wolfenstein 3D, Doom and Quake, and seeing the Quake Mod called Team Fortress, you can get a feeling of what ET was.
                    They tried to release two sequels, Brick (which was a big disaster) and DirtyBomb (which is a not so old, free to play game, but with Nexon as a partner, it has a lot of micro-transactions in it, mostly for skins though).


                    TL;DR Wolfenstein Enemy Territory is/was a full game, released for free with great modding opportunities and support, not only for its time, but even nowadays. It might not have been as good as Doom, Quake or UT, yet I had more fun with it and that means something too , so in a list like this I just vote for a honorable place or at least a mention of Wolf:ET.

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                      Metro Last Light

                      (also Metro 2033)

                      Because they are immersive and really well done. and the story is amazing. Not to mention the graphics

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                        Original Wolfenstein or Doom. They defined the FPS genre. At a time Doom was installed on more PCs than MS Windows.

                        For FPS with story I would say Half Life +HL2.

                        Halo? Only Xbox console fanboys know about that game until recently. And if Xbox related I would say Gears of Wars is very popular.

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                          Deus Ex

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                            Well for me as a console gamer, I would have to say Call of Duty, actually burned out the BlackOps 2 cd. As far as PC I originally started with Wolfenstein 3d for PC back in the Windows 3.1 days. Currently the only FPS that I have for PC is Overwatch that is really worth playing. Looking into Battlefield1 for PC, because it is amazing for the PS4.

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                              best FPS = Counter-Strike (i personally like CS:CZ most)

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                                I mostly play RPGs, so I got a few Shooter with RPG elements that come to mind:

                                • Deus Ex (original)
                                • Stalker
                                • Metro Last Light
                                • Dark Messiah of Might and Magic
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                                  I'd have to say either Half-Life/Half-Life 2 or Counter-Strike for me personally. I love everything about those games, and have poured countless hours into them. Even now, I still play them all the time. The mods are great for Half-Life too. Sven Co-op is dang good fun.


                                  Other than those two though, I'd have to say anything by id Software, such as DOOM or Quake. Love Quake.


                                  Love basically anything by Valve, I should mention.


                                  I don't want to leave out Battlefield though. I still play Battlefield 1942, which is my favorite, after all this time. Just can't get enough of that Wake Island. Even play it with my kid. Can't forget the Far Cry series either. Love Far Cry 1. Haven't played Overwatch, but I'm sure I'd love it.


                                  Also, Unreal Tournament. Gotta love some UT.


                                  Don't wanna leave out a mention of Bioshock either. Great series.


                                  I also like Halo, though I honestly haven't played it on the PC (much). I think I would really like it if I got into it on the PC though. Don't really like playing FPS games on a console though. Gotta have that mouse and keyboard.


                                  So, that is pretty much my take on this. Love Half-Life/Half-Life 2 (and the mods), but I just can't leave without a mention of the other greats too. So many good FPS games.

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                                    To me Perfect Dark(N64) is the top dog. It just was the complete package. Great sp,multi player,maps,custom matches,create a Bot/s,the gadgets,the weapons(amount/variety/usefulness ,game play/mechanics,sound, Dual wielding two DY357 Magnum... The story,the plot.


                                    Honorable mention aka(consolation prize) HL1


                                    And we cant forget UT2004(well I cant)

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                                      I played HL2 before the Steam Achievements when it came out, before episode 1. With a minimum spec PC of that time.

                                      I replayed HL2 a week ago and it was a great time. Got 100% of Steam Achievements for that game. Played in Eyefinity 7680x1440  with one R9 290X at 300fps. The hud is stretched and if you walk near a wall sometimes you see through the texture a little bit on the outside monitors. But totally playable.

                                      I plan to play Episode 1 and 2 in the next weeks, never played them before.

                                      If you can buy HL2+episodes on a steam sale dirt cheap do it.

                                      Thank all that posted good games I will be playing them too, specially older ones that are cheaper

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                                          Played through Half-Life 2 and the episodes so many times! I highly recommend the episodes, they really add a lot of depth to all of Half-Life 2. Though, by the end of the second one you may be cursing Gabe Newell! I'm amazed at how good HL2 still looks after all this time. Not bad in my opinion. Not bad at all.

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                                          half life and cs1.5/1.6

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                                            Goldeneye 007 - the fact that it hasn't been mentioned yet is a little surprising and I'd consider it to be a huge oversight. Goldeneye 007 was not only a huge boon for the N64, but it was also the first console exclusive that got it right all right and revolutionized the whole genre on consoles. Before Goldeneye console first person shooters were just ports of successful PC games. All of our modern console shooters owe a lot to Goldeneye. The multiplayer, the levels, design, etc. It was a game changer - pardon the pun.


                                            skinnylegs Perfect Dark was my favorite FPS of all time too! It may not have done as much for the genre as Goldeneye, but it was still a great game and in some ways it was superior to Goldeneye.

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                                              This is a tough one.. Halo brought vehicle combat to multiplayer, everything that iD, Crytek, Valve and Epic Games put out laid the foundations that are used across the industry now.


                                              It'd have to be Unreal for me though, fantastic single-player campaign, frantic multiplayer, and spawned the Unreal Tournament series which was my favorite multiplayer games of that era. Super smooth and fast gameplay over dial-up that its competition just couldn't match.

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                                                Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl


                                                Quake 2


                                                Doom (the original)


                                                Deus Ex (technically it is first-person)


                                                No One Lives Forever (wonderful stealth-spy game, and first-person)

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                                                  I'm surprised no mention of UT2004-Great game.

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                                                      Good point, but not really a single player aspect to it compared to something like FarCry or Halflife.(2). I think to be the 'best' the game must be more than a 1 trick pony. We love UT at our LAN parties though.  The mutators are awesome fun.

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                                                      I hope nelstar15 doesn't mind me waylaying his topic a bit, but I can't help but wonder is it still a first person shooter when the game play has moved away from shooting and into other things such as stealth, puzzles or in the case of some quirky games platforming? Is the mere fact that your perspective is from a first person view sufficient enough to lump them all in the same category or is there a certain amount of shooting required before a game can be truly considered a first person shooter? Lastly if there must be a certain amount of gun play for it to be an FPS, how much must there be?


                                                      I of course have my own thoughts on the subject, but I'd like to hear what you all think.

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                                                        A lot of great games mentioned here.  I tend to think of a first person shooter as having great shooting.  That control and feel of the shooting itself is spectacular.  I did like the original Doom, as well as the latest Bethesda game.  Deus Ex had great story elements, and No one Lives Forever was great in terms of the overall vibe of the game.


                                                        However, if I had to pick a favorite, I would pick the original F.E.A.R.  The game featured great psychological moments with the little girl (Alma).  But also, some of the set piece encounters with the rival soldiers were truly spectacular.  The weapons all felt great while firing.  The sounds, the recoil, the soldiers yelling "He's too fast!" in the bullet time mode.

                                                        What is really impressive is that F.E.A.R. managed to have great encounters and gun fights with relatively few enemies.  For most of the game, you are fighting only the enemy soldiers (with a occasional heavy).  There was incredible variability to how each encounter turned out, and that made it so much fun to play.


                                                        It remains one of the few games where I would load saves just to play different encounters over again.  Vast majority of the time, the AI would do something completely different.  And between those high adrenaline shoot outs, the game would allow you to take a break by standing in front of a door for 20 minutes before opening it, because your radio freaked out and you know that little girl will show up...somewhere.

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                                                          New here to the community, but when I saw this thread I wanted to post my 2cts.


                                                          Best multiplayer FPS in my opinion was Day of Defeat 1.3, it was based on the goldsource(hl1?) engine and it was awesome. Didn't have the wait for rounds to end like Counter-Strike. Capture the flag/destroy objective game play. Classes were all useful and all offensive(no medic and no health regen or packs). Had tons of mods for it as well. It was WW2 themed, the weapons were fun and the mechanics of the game like sprint-strafe-shooting or bunny hop movements were there, wall shooting, peak shots, etc. Had a great LAN competitive scene from early to mid 2000's and even lasted beyond that with a solid(yet probably toxic) online community. A lot of known esports organizations had a team for it back in the day and I felt like it overall had a ton of replay value to casual and competitive people. 


                                                          Now as far as single player goes... I'm partial to story so I will always say the Bioshock/System Shock series gets that place in my heart. Recently the new DOOM is very high on there just because its gameplay is unlike anything else.

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                                                            Well what is the (best Shooter Ever)?

                                                            I mean different people look for different things in games

                                                            Story, multiplayer, atmosphere, environment, gameplay, gunplay, AI ….All these factors are important

                                                            Basically if there is such a thing as a best shooter ever it must be able to cover all these variables and do it incredibly well … impossible?  maybe I am not sure …I don’t know

                                                            If I only play shooters for 1v1 tournaments I would probably pick Quake 3 Arena

                                                            If I value team play then I might go with Counterstrike, which didn’t even have a proper campaign.

                                                            The Story in Bioshock infite was incredible and its delivery was exceptional …

                                                            Borderlands was the definitive diablo like shooter then all looter shooters followed …

                                                            The environment in Half-life one was better than anything done before it and it still holds today. I would even say it is better than half-life 2’s environment … the Black Masa research facility is much more interesting than City 17.

                                                            Metro 2033 was a survival shooter with incredibly challenging gameplay

                                                            Fear had the best AI to be seen in a first person shooter …

                                                            Far cry 4 achieved the best open world in a shooter …

                                                            I can go on forever expanding and explaining on what each title excels at but this can’t answer the question …

                                                            Note that once one finishes the title only memories remain … you are rarely going to come back…except in multiplayer which I rarely play … Now coming back to the question

                                                            I think the answer depends on the player… I need something challenging fun and new

                                                            Let us forget about the historical importance the impact and influence of a title …I want my bread and butter i.e. new levels and gameplay today here and now …

                                                            To me it is Doom/Doom2 with all its mods ports and variations

                                                            Nothing comes even close …

                                                            The level design the gameplay and the endless supply of wads (levels) …

                                                            What other shooter can match it???

                                                            Countless shooters come and go and people lose interest within a matter of days or months.

                                                            We wait for the next big thing yet it comes out a clone !

                                                            Doom is a 24 year old title that is still alive and kicking !!!

                                                            I have played this game for years and years and I never felt bored …considering the wads it probably have more than a million levels.

                                                            It can play scary ,survival ,slaughter house or puzzle maze  or a combination of them all with (keys and skulls) and secret doors … with ponds of blood and poison traps or maybe a city , a science lab a place to found a hidden gun … this game is poetry!

                                                            For a First person shooter the variety of what the society offers is unmatched

                                                            Every player can find his piece of cake being Deathmatch or Coop , solo or multiplayer …


                                                            The original game was brilliant in terms of game design but it would have died a looooong time ago if the ports, mods and new levels didn’t exist … I am not saying that it is the most popular or mostly played today but I am saying that…it simply covers so much ground it can tailor to extremely different tastes and that is its secret.


                                                            So here is my answer …DOOM the Original and the best …

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                                                                Go back and look at the original Far Cry. It had incredible draw distance and was used as THE graphics benchmark for quite some time. This isn't to argue with any of your other points, but I think it was a landmark game. We still play it at LAN parties and the graphics hold up well to this day.

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                                                                I played so much Counter-Strike decades ago, but for the lack of a better word, I play mainly abstract shooters now, such as Doom, Overwatch, and Paladins. I appreciate the art, and Doom is awesome via the id Tech 6 engine and Vulkan!

                                                                I might like realistic shooters like Battlefield or Rainbow Six, but I never played them.

                                                                i think the best city to live and test this game is canada

                                                                I'm anticipating Quake Champions. I'm not sure, but I hope to get another Unreal Tournament, too.