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    Crimson 16.11.5 freezes during install on Dell Latitude E6440 (Radeon HD 8690M) with Windows 10 Pro 64-bit


      Hey guys.


      I've already kicked this over to Dell, but as I didn't have a problem installing older versions of AMD-supplied drivers for this mobile graphics processor in Windows 7 64-bit, I can't be certain it's not on YOUR end that this thing just freezes up.  And it's pretty much just what the title describes:  I try installing the latest mobility drivers for this card from here, and the computer completely freezes by the time the progress bar reaches 25%.  According to the diagnostics, the computer is operating just fine.  It has the latest A14 BIOS.




      I just tried Crimson 16.9.2.  It freezes at 39%.