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Battlefield 1 stutter R9 380 & I5-2400

Question asked by gizmo_x on Nov 30, 2016
Latest reply on Nov 30, 2016 by thwomp

Hi Guys,


I'm playing both games online and both stutter but Division is playable not all the time but randomly, i can't notice exactly when but can feel the screen freeze less then half second but on BF1 is more frequent and longer less then 1 sec.


my Spec:

CPU: i5-2400 (hyper 212 evo cooler)

MB: ASRock P67 Pro

GPU: Sapphire R9 380 Nitro OC with Backplate

PS: 500w cooler master

SSD+HDD game runs on SSD

RAM: 16GB LC11 DDR3 1600 (2x8GB)


CPU temp is less then 60C on full load and GPU max temp is 68C on full load. i don't know where exactly the problem is because i'm trying battlefield 1 on low and ultra settings stuttering is same only FPS of the game varies ... Battlefield 3/4 were fine all the time when i was playing MP 64 server...


from applications... Fresh Win 10 with latest BETA AMD drivers nothing running at background just MSI Afterburner sometimes to track cpu/gpu details


i just edited flip queue to 1 and it's better i don't know what is that value but less fps no input lag or screen freeze... what is going on?