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R9 FURY X Core Clock getting stuck at 300mhz ruining framerate ,

Question asked by eldiablo on Nov 30, 2016

every 10-20 seconds in rise of the tombraider my fury x (sapphire) core clock keeps going to 300mhz and voltage to about 0.8v from 1050mhz and whatever voltage that is

i have messed about with settings,, vsync on off ,, ultra settings low blah blah blaaah..


this issue did not happen with previous drivers


HAAAAAAAAAAWEVER i did just oc my cpu from 3.9ghz @ 1.45v to 4ghz @ 1.5v HAAAAAWEVERRR in non cpu intensive places in the gayme its still doing the same thing so this cant be a psu power related thingy and my psu is blowing out luke warm heat and i cant even hear it so its noway close to its 550w limit

this is a non overclocked fury x stock everything apart from custom fan curve to keep my card always under 40c.  it was idling at 15c earlier today so i take good care of it so dont try to pull out its not covered under warranty when theres .. anyway


i have tried to enable and disable power savings in crimson to try to trick the gpu into changing its clock speed over core usage


but i do have to say in the new drivers its utilising my gpu allot more, its never usualy maxed out its core clock this much in the game  ,, somehow my gpu is the bottleneck when before it was allways cpu in this gayme, so u guys haz changed something


ALSO somehow when i installed the driver i selected G DRIVE ( G://) BUT it installed in the c drive AGAIN, as i like to have it on another hard drive to improve my 5min loading times of windows (my pc loads up a 4gb ramdisk from radeon ramdisk as i cache allot of temp stuf on there and it rly does make my pc fast)

and everytime my pc boots crimson keeps loosing its settings of having power savings enabled. and sometimes it looses its video settings and i have to keep putting it back. its annoying

16.11.5 drivers

spec is as follows


CPU : AMD Phenom 2 X4 955 BE RB C3 ,, oc to 4GHZ @ 1.5V & NB 2600MHZ @ 1.175V


PSU: Superflower FX BRONZE 550W

RAM: 15GB (8GB KINGSTON FURY 2133mhz, 4GB Generic ram 1600mhz, 2gb & 1gb generic ram 1333mhz) <-- all running at 1333mhz , effectively underclocked

Motherboard : ASUS m5a78l-m/usb3 (BIOS VERSION 2101)

O.S : Windows 10 PRO Insider Preview Build 14951


can u guys please accept me into the beta testing ring of the radeon drivers thanx


i would have typed this up in the driver reporting form but for some reason it dont work anymore on chrome for me or edge or internet explorer,, no idea why


also good work on the edge youtube thing, i get 15-20% cpu load if im playing a 4k video on youtube at 2x speed. i gues thats down to you and microsoft enabling the UVD asics, i been asking microsoft to do that for so long so now youtube plays better in edge than chrome